The Coach Yard

October 21, 2020

The Baltimore & Ohio's famous 1940 NATIONAL LIMITED with the "hump" LW 10-5 sleepers !
- Blue and Grey exterior .
Pick-up notices  have been  processed .
We are inspecting, testing and packaging the shipments to our Dealers and Stores.

The M10002/4  are coming - we had to "start from scratch".  We were scheduled to go in May  to Korea to work with the new project manager and get this moving. That did not happen (Covid-19). Our manager was very persistant and with many emails back and forth we have reached a point to continue with all corections accepted. They say "three's a charm" - Four must be euphoria ! - We reviewed the "Pilot Models" and are very pleased. Production has started for a December 2020 delivery !

Santa Fe's "1992 Employee Appreciation Special".  have been to our Stores and Dealers.

Models are posted on the website - see the photos.

The Santa Fe's "Employee Recognition Special"  - TCY0492. This train in 1992 did a round trip from Los Angeles to Chicago and gave Santa fe's employees an opportunity to ride behind their first "Northern class" 4-8-4 locomotive # 3751. Approximately 10 thousand employees rode one of the segments offered. see the flyer under SF Business cars.

The TCY1700 - D&RGW "1971 Rio Grande Zephyr" has  been shipped to all stores that reserved them - We have a few cars available. Check your favorite store !

 This train went into service because the railroad did not join Amtrak in 1971. see the flyer on the TCY website. We produced the unique DRGW #253, Steam Generator car made from an Alco PB-1.

The Pennsylvania Railroad's 1938 GENERAL  and Spirit of ST LOUIS  in the "Fleet of Modernism " - (FOM) three color paint scheme" , is "almost "sold out"  at The Coach Yard. All orders  has been shipped  to our Dealers !

The NYC "Pacemaker" is available from  your friendly Coach Yard dealer -  lots of  the  "Pacemaker Green" and "two-tone Gray"  -  NYC  "Pacemaker "  8 car sets .
See them at your favorite Coach Yard store. -  we have limited inventory.


We have three  scheduled for 2021 delivery.

 The Southern Pacific- 1950's STARLIGHT 9 car set and a many  additional cars - do you need more "head-in equipment" ?

The CB&Q 1940 three trains - The Blackhawk - The Aristocrat and the Ak-Sar-Ben  are in development - - get your orders in plus lots of additional cars.

The EAGLE is coming  - The 1940 EAGLE and the 50's Missouri River Eagle will be  coming with The EMD  E3's , both in as-delivered and  modified paintschemes.

We have the announcements on the  website so, get your reservations into your "friendly"  Coach Yard store.

  There is a lot of activity at The Coach Yard !
Thanks to those of you that sent  ideas as to  what you wanted  to see manufacturered.  We have lots to ponder !

Reserve now at your favorite Coach Yard Store - 

Have you ordered the evolutionary "Darwin" universal coupler pocket - makes it easy to adjust spacing between cars - who cares what length the shank is !! - See your friendly Coach Yard store.


If you see a car or cars in a train set - notify your Coach Yard Dealer and We will attempt to get individual cars for you - let your Dealer know.

Send us an email and let us know what you would like !!! or