The Coach Yard

February 14 , 2019

We unvailed another new , never before made,  in HO scale  "Famous Train" - The Baltimore & Ohio's famous 1942 NATIONAL LIMITED with the "hump" LW 10-5 sleepers !Blue and Cream exterior .

" Pennsylvania Railroad's 1938 TRAILBLAZER  and JEFFERSONIAN  in the "Fleet of Modernism " - (FOM) three color paint scheme" , the PRR Horse cars, PRR scenery cars and the REA cars are shipping as we type !
see your favorite store  !

We have three  scheduled for 2019-20 delivery.

The first one is the Denver & Rio Grande 1971 Zephyr - TCY1700.
 This train went into service because the railroad did not join Amtrak in 1971. see the flyer on the TCY website. We will be producing the unique DRGW #253, Steam Generator car made from an Alco PB-1.

The second train is the Santa Fe's "Employee Recognition Special"  - TCY0492. This train in 1992 did a round trip from Los Angeles to Chicago and gave Santa fe's employees an opportunity to ride behind their first "Northen class" 4-8-4 locomotive # 3751. Approximately 10 thousand employees rode one of the segments offered. see the flyer under SF Business cars.

The  CB&Q-C&S-D&FW - TEXAS Zephyr  are available from our Dealers and stores  - stock is very limited.

The M10002/4  are coming - we had to "start from scratch". There is a lot of work to be done.
We are building  the NYC 's  The Pacemaker - two versions,  the PRR's 1938 The General and The Spirit of St. Louis in Fleet of Modernism

The next train is in  development. We are announcing the Union Pacific's "1955 Portland Rose" and a number of individual "modernized Heavy weight cars" from the UP re-building program of 1954. Flyer will be coming soon - TCY 1390

 We are building  the Southern Pacific- 1950's STARLIGHT 9 car set and a many  additional cars - do you need more "head-in equipment" ?

The CB&Q 1940 three trains - The Blackhawk - The Aristocrat and the Ak-Sar-Ben  are in development - - get your orders in plus lots of additional cars.

The EAGLE is coming  - The 1940 EAGLE and the 50's Missouri River Eagle will be  coming with The EMD  E3's , both in as-delivered and  modified paintschemes.

We have decided to build the CB&Q EMD E5's - a very limited production of AB sets will be made - reserve now

We have the announcements on the  website so, get your reservations into your "friendly"  Coach Yard store.

  There is a lot of activity at The Coach Yard !
Thanks to those of you that sent  ideas as to  what you wanted  to see manufacturered.  We have lots to ponder !

Reserve now at your favorite Coach Yard Store - 

Have you ordered the evolutionary "Darwin" universal coupler pocket - makes it easy to adjust spacing between cars - who cares what length the shank is !! - See your friendly Coach Yard store.


If you see a car or cars in a train set - notify your Coach Yard Dealer and We will attempt to get individual cars for you - let your Dealer know.

Send us an email and let us know what you would like !!! or