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Full Width "very flexible" Diaphragms


The following photos are diaphragms we have mounted and tested on many layouts . When used in conjuction with the TCY # 0008 - Darwin Universal Coupler Pocket - the spacing for prototypical operation will be easily obtained. The design allows for better operation in curves and are designed to be " functional " in operation , not prototypical in appearance.
We have had success in mounting the diaphragms on cars using a glue made by Pacer Industries - RC-56 - canopy cement. Attaching the units with screws is the preferred method.


These prototype diaphragms were tested on 34" curves

Prototype diaphragms coupled with conventional couplers

Top view of coupled diaphragms

Vestibule end with diaphragm attached

Non vestibuled end with diaphragm attached

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