Heavyweight 8 Sections, Buffet and Lounge
1460a Canadian National COLONIE CLUB / LOCHMOOR CLUB Eastbound-The Maple Leaf Westbound-Inter-City Limited Green/Gold/Black, Tailsign, Plan 3989h, Ice
1460b Louisville & Nashville ARDSLEY CLUB The Southland Blue, Plan 3989g, Ice
1460c Pullman KNOLLWOOD CLUB Assigned Pullman Pool Pullman Green, Plan 3989g, Ice
1460d Texas & Pacific BRAE BURN CLUB / SIWANOY CLUB The Sunshine Special Blue/Gray, Tailsign, Plan 3989j, PM
1460e New York Central FOX HILLS CLUB / INWOOD CLUB Assigned Pullman Pool NYC Revised TTG, Plan 3989j, PM
Heavyweight 8 Sections, Buffet and Lounge with Sun Room
1461a Pennsylvania COLUMBIA CLUB/ATHLETIC CLUB/UNION LEAGUE CLUB The Southland/ The Clevelander/The American Tuscan, Tailsign, Plan 3989u
1461b Baltimore & Ohio CITY CLUB / QUARTER CEN- TURY CLUB / YACHT CLUB Diplomat / Shenandoah Blue/Gray, Tailsign, Plan 3989k, PM
1461c Spokane, Portland, & Seattle MOUNT ADAMS / MOUNT JEFFERSON Nos. 3 and 4 Green/Gold, Plan 3989t, PM
1461d Atlantic Coast Line OREGON CLUB / WASHINGTON CLUB Southland Pullman Green, Plan 3989f, PM
1461e Northern Pacific RIDGEWOOD COUNTY CLUB/GARRISON CLUB Mainstreeter Loewy Greens, Tailsign, Plan 3989o, PM
1461f New York Central DETROIT CLUB North Shore Limited NYC Rev. TTG, Tailsign, Plan 3989f, PM
1461g New York Central YONDOTEGA CLUB The Wolverine Pullman Green, Tailsign, Plan 3989f, PM
Heavyweight 10 Parlor Chairs and Restaurant-Lounge    * used  own RR  staff
1462a Pennsylvania ENTERPRISE/MATCHLESS The Union PENNSYLVANIA letterboard Tailsign, Plan 4019m Ice
1462b Pennsylvania GUARDIAN/DFEFENDER Nos. 303 & 304 Chicago-Louisville PULLMAN letterboard Tailsign, Plan 4019s Ice
1462c Pennsylvania COURAGEOUS The Duquesne PENNSYLVANIA letterboard Tailsign, Plan 4019h Ice
1462d  *New Haven MARINER/NAVIGATOR The Berkshire / The Litchfield Hunter Green, Tailsign, PLan 4019q, PM
1462e * Boston & Maine ONWARD/PROGRESS The Minute Man / Gull Maroon, Tailsign, Plan 4019b ,Ice
1462f * Pere Marquette PILOT/DISCOVERER The Resort Special Pullman Green, Tailsign, Plan 4019q , PM
1462g Pullman COURAGEOUS Assigned Pullman Pool Pullman Green, Plan 4019 b, Ice
Heavyweight 8 Sections and Restaurant - Lounge  
1463a Southern LA FONTAINE CLUB/MOON BROOK CLUB The Tennessean PG - Extended Roman, Tailsign, Plan t, SE
1463b Southern SPRING BROOK CLUB Birmingham Special Southern Green - Block lettering, Plan 4025k, SE
1463c SOO LONE STAR CLUB/I IVANHOE CLUB The Laker Soo Red, Tailsign, Plan 4025w, Ice
1463d Baltimore & Ohio BROOK CLUB / CREEK CLUB Metropolitan Special / Ambassador Blue/Gray, Tailsign, lan 4025p, PM
1463e Baltimore & Ohio DUQUESNE CLUB   Blue/Gray, Tailsign, Plan 4025b , York
1463f New York Central MAKETEWAH COUNTRY CLUB / SCIOTO COUNTRY CLUB Chicagoan / Mohawk / Water Level Limited NYC Rev. TTG, Plan 4025c, PM
1463g Great Northern MANITOBA CLUB / MIDLAND HILLS CLUB Winnipeg Limited GN colors, Tailsign, Plan 4025d, Ice
1463h Union Pacific HARVARD CLUB / YALE CLUB The Spokane UP Yellow, Plan 4025q PM
1463i Pullman LOTOS CLUB / GLEN VIEW CLUB Assigned Pullman Pool Pullman TTG, Plan 4025q, Ice
1463j Pullman CIRCUMNAVIGATORS CLUB Assigned Pullman Pool Pullman TTG, Plan 4025n Ice
1463k Nickel Plate CARLETON CLUB Nickel Plate Limited Pullman Green, Tailsign, Plan 4025r, PM
1463l Pullman HIGHLAND COUNTRY CLUB Cleveland Special / Assigned Pullman Pool Pullman Green, Plan 4025c, PM
Heavyweight 8 Sections 1 Compartment and Restaurant
1464a Chicago Great Western ROCHESTER CLUB Minnesotan Red/Gold stripe, Tailsign, Plan 4026c, PM
1464b Southern ASHLAND COUNTRY CLUB Nos. 41 and 42 Southern Green - Block lettering, Plan 4026g, SE
1464c Southern PEPPER PIKE COUNTRY CLUB Assigned Pullman Pool Pullman Green, Plan 4026g, SE
Heavyweight 10 Sections and Restauant
1465a Erie WINDSOR LOCKS / WINDSOR SPRINGS Lake Cities Pullman Green PULLMAN letterboard, Plan 4027g, SE
1465b Erie WINDSOR BEACH The Erie Limited / Assigned Pullman Pool Pullman Green PULLMAN letterboard, Plan 4027e, SE
1465c New York Central INTERLACHEN CLUB / WINDSOR PARK Iroquois Pullman Green, Plan 4027 e, PMB
1465d New York Central WINDSOR FOREST Niagara NYC Revised TTG, Plan 4027e, PMB

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